People working on profles The staff calculator was developed in response to questions from people working in stroke care services, who asked about the number of staff needed on a stroke ward.  Beyond expert opinion and consensus, there was, and still is, little evidence to underpin recommended staffing numbers.  As a complementary resource, to published recommendations, the Staff Calculator can help to inform service providers about how many staff are needed to support their stroke service.

Users can input information about their service such as patient throughput and the amount of time staff spend on various tasks.  Based on this information, the calculator will provide an estimate of the number of staff needed in the service.  This indicative figure for staffing levels is entirely dependent upon the figures that the user enters.  It is possible to enter and re-enter data to try out different assumptions of patient throughput and how staff spend their time.  The user is also able to obtain estimates of the cost of staffing the unit, based on the indicative staffing numbers.  To do this, the user needs to decide the knowledge and skill level mix of the staffing complement.

Estimates of staff number can be found in the Stroke Unit Trialists’ Collaboration, the National Clinical Guideline for Stroke (Intercollegiate Stroke Working Party) and from the British Association of Stroke Physicians (BASP).

Staffing Calculator