What are SSEF Role Profiles?

The SSEF details the knowledge and skills required to deliver safe and effective care. However, depending on their role, level of experience, and where they work on the stroke care pathway, healthcare staff require differing levels of knowledge and skills. The SSEF standardised role profiles detail the minimum level of knowledge and skills required for a range of roles and associated bands. More information about the SSEF levels can be found here.

How are SSEF Role Profiles Developed?

SSEF standardised role profiles are developed collaboratively by convening multi-disciplinary groups of practicing healthcare professionals. The views of the group are captured through an iterative process of ratings and discussions until consensus is generated regarding the minimum level of knowledge and skills required for the role in question.

Why is your role not mapped to the Elements of Professional Practice?

The 4 Elements of Professional Practice were added to the SSEF in November 2021. The SSEF Team are now undertaking a programme of work to update the existing SSEF role profiles, prioritising based on the number of users, by convening working groups to develop consensus around these additional elements for individual roles and associated bands.

We are indebted to the people who have helped us to develop these Standardised Role Profiles; a full list can be found here.

How can you use the SSEF Role Profile Library?

  • Complete your personal self-assessment and the SSEF Online Toolkit will automatically compare your personal profile to the relevant SSEF role profile to highlight any unmet learning needs
  • Inform your career progression by comparing your personal SSEF profile to the next role profile in your career pathway to highlight areas for professional development
  • All role profiles are free to view and can be used to inform curriculum and personal development

A list of roles and associated bands can be seen below (and left).

Can’t see your role?

The evolving nature of stroke care delivery, and subsequent effects on the composition of the workforce, requires the constant addition of new standardised role profiles. If your role is not represented on the SSEF Online Toolkit, please do get in touch with the Team.