SSEF Newsletter May 2021

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Content from the UK Stroke Forum 2020

The UK Stroke Forum goes virtual

The UK Stroke Forum went virtual in 2020 while concerns over the COVID-19 pandemic still loomed. The SSEF team enjoy being a part of the conference annually and this year was no exception. Thank you to everyone who came to pay us a visit in our virtual booth, and you will find lots of additional links and information below.

What is the SSEF?

Please take some time to watch this short video on what the SSEF is all about!

How can the SSEF work for you?

How can the SSEF help you as a healthcare professional?

  • Self-assess your knowledge and skills.
  • Identify unmet learning needs.
  • Find relevant courses for professional development.
  • Automatically update your personal profile for following training completion.
  • Keep an online training record demonstrating life-long learning at the appropriate level for yourself, your career, and your employer.

Below, Sophie Jenkins describes the real-world application of the SSEF for her personal development planning.


An example of the SSEF profile Sophie may see as an Occupational Therapist can be found here: Occupational Therapist (Band 5)

Some additional example profiles for different roles can be found below:

Nurse (Band 6)

Speech & Language Therapist (Band 7)

Physiotherapist (Band 6)


How can the SSEF help you as an education and training provider?

  • Inform the stroke-specific elements of your curriculum.
  • Register your educational opportunities in the online course catalogue.
  • Receive feedback from your course attendees to inform continual improvements.

Have a look at our Course Provider User Guide for more details: Course Provider User Guide

If you are looking for information on how to set up your SSEF Account, your personal SSEF Profile or how to review a course you have completed, check out the links below for the respective guides:

Creating your SSEF Account

Creating your SSEF Profile

Reviewing a Course


To read more about the research behind the design of the SSEF and the need to promote stroke-specific education, have a look through our publications below.


eWIN Case Study: Delivering Stroke-Specific Education and Training – 2014

Promoting Stroke-Specific Education – Watkins et al – 2012

Department of Health Report – 2010

Useful links

The Stroke-Specific Education Framework (SSEF)

Skills for Health

The UKSF Education and Training – accessed via the UK Stroke Forum