Information about the SSEF and Online Toolkit

Learn more about how to use the SSEF

  • If you want to learn a little more about the SSEF please take a look at this brief video.
  • For more detailed information and instructions about how to use the SSEF and the Online Toolkit, please take a look at this longer video (approx 8 minutes) which provides and introduction to all of the features you can make use of.

Learn from SSEF users about how the SSEF can be used in practice

  • An introduction from Deb Lowe, the National Clinical Director for Stroke and Consultant Stroke Physician and Geriatrician Available here
  • Using the SSEF from the perspective of a healthcare profesisonal. Available here
  • Implementing the SSEF in stroke practice, an example from one Integrated Stroke Delivery Network. Available here

Useful links

NHS Health Education England; elearing for healthcare. Stroke Programme and Toolkit of online educational resources. Available here

NHS Health Education England. HEE Star: Accelerating workforce redesign. Available here

Getting it Right First Time. Stroke Workstream. Available here

Research and Policy

The below list includes a snapshot of policy and research relevant to the national stroke workforce and the Stroke-Specific Education Framework.



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