The SSEF consists of 16 Elements of Care, based on the quality markers in the National Stroke Strategy and related to the stroke strategies in all four UK countries.

Within each Element of Care there are key competencies that reflect the ‘knowledge and understanding’ and ‘skills and abilities’ a member of staff should possess if they work in that area of stroke care delivery. The SSEF is a freely available resource for anyone interested in stroke care to use.

The 16 Elements of Care

Explore the elements of care by clicking on the boxes below to see a detailed breakdown of the knowledge and skills for each one.

E1: Awareness raising
E2: Managing risk
E3: Information
E4: User involvement
E5: Assessment (TIA)
E6: Treatment (TIA)
E7: Urgent response
E8: Assessment (stroke)
E9: Treatment (stroke)
E10: Specialist rehabilitation
E11: End-of-life care
E12: Seamless transfer of care
E13: Long-term care
E14: Review
E15: Participation in community
E16: Return to work