What is the Stroke-Specific Education Framework?

The Stroke-Specific Education Framework (SSEF) describes the knowledge and skills required for those working in stroke health and care services.

The framework, based on the 20 quality markers of the National Stroke Strategy (2007), aims to provide a structured and standardised approach to education and training for those working within, and affected by, stroke. The SSEF also guides education and training providers in the development and delivery of high-quality stroke-specific, and stroke-relevant, curriculum.

Within each of the 16 Elements of Care, which are mapped to the stroke care pathway, you will find knowledge and skill competences to guide your personal development in clinical care. The 4 Elements of Professional Practice describe additional capabilities, which complement the stroke-specific elements, to encourage professional development, leadership, and evidence-based practice. If you want to learn more about the history and development of the SSEF please visit the About page.

What is the SSEF Online Toolkit?

The SSEF Online Toolkit is a collection of free resources developed to inform stroke-specific education, training, and personal development, including: 

  • The Stroke-Specific Education Framework: detailing the knowledge and skills required by those working in, and affected by, stroke. Take a look at the framework here
  • The Role Profile Library: detailing the minimum level of knowledge and skills required by specific roles, and the associated levels of responsibility and experience. Find your role profile here
  • The Self-assessment Tool: allows users to:
    • assess their knowledge and skills against the relevant role profile,
    • generate a personal SSEF profile and professional development record,
    • identify unmet learning needs, and
    • find suitable personal development opportunities.
    • Sign up to self-assess your knowledge and skills here 
  • The Course Library: a library of stroke-specific education and training resources which have been mapped to the SSEF, allowing you to easily identify professional development opportunities that are relevant to your personal learning needs. Browse the Course Catalogue here
    NB Please note that education and training opportunities registered on the SSEF Online Toolkit are the responsibility of the Course Provider, and not the SSEF Project Team.
  • The Staffing Calculator: assists service providers and commissioners to identify the number and level of staff needed to deliver safe and effective stroke services. Learn more about the Staffing Calculator here